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An exclusive outbreak along with Z-Dimension Kington Jamaica.

Hello Houston


After the Heartbox – EP released in 2012 and the Album – Monument of the Broken Souls released in 2014, the new album “Hello Houston” (Artwork by Brosmind) is out now. Filled with worldwide vocal features from hip hop, chillout, reggae to Latin music.

Who the F_ck is Blockboy?


As an avowing vinyl-junkie, the native of Munich sees his inspirational roots mainly in Beat and Rockmusic of the early 70s as well as in the New York HipHop of the 90s.
To put a label on Blockboy’s sound is not easy, since he shifts between many genres – one characteristic though is his affection for detailed samples of Vinyl treasures, which he skillfully transforms and refines.
Along with the band ‘Octopussies’, a HipHop-Funk combo, that he was founding member, guitarist and musical lead of, Blockboy already has a lot of live experience – with hand-made music and real instruments.
After releasing first tracks on the Sampler „Yummy! Yummy!“, followed by the release of his debut EP „Heartbox“, he finally made the full transition to electronic musician on his first LP, titled „Monument Of The Broken Souls“.
Now he comes up with a new Album “Hello Houston” packed full with international features.




Monuments of the Broken Soul

Heartbox EP


Survive – official musicvideo



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